Experimental Short Film, HD, 8:38 min, Buzludzha, Bulgaria, 2013.
German with English subtitles.

Full Clip

TWICE UPON A TIME (ES WAR ZWEIMAL) explores memory as a psychological and political phenomenon and reflects the personal mechanism of memorization, trying to find out which memories have the strength to remain over time – and why they have the power to do so. Everything happens twice, once in the actual presence and once through the individual process of perceiving and memorizing over ones lifetime. The personal search is set in the former Communist memorial ‘Buzludzha’ in the Bulgarian Balkan Mountains. A building that is completely falling apart and that now only resembles the former glory and devotion of a certain presence in the past it had been once. 

CAST: Werner Eng (LINK)
SOUND RECORDING: Emmanuel Teillet, Evy Schubert
SOUND MASTERING: Alexander Schubert (LINK)

FUNDED AND SUPPORTED BY Art Today Association – Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria

• Solo Show (video installation and screening), Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, 2013 (LINK)
• Video screening „Zeit – Ein filmisches Triptychon“ (Zeit – A filmic triptych), Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2013 (LINK)
• Budapest Architecture Film Days, Hungary, 2014 (LINK)
• 6th namaTREba biennal (Video installation), Trebinje, BiH, 2014 (LINK)
• 6th Cairo Video Festival Medrar (Video screening), Egypt, 2014 (LINK)
Werner Eng, Evy Schubert
Werner Eng, Evy Schubert


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