HD, 02:15 min, Berlin, 2017.
Realized for the participartory concept piece “Silent Posts” by Alexander Schubert.
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Within the framework of „Silent Posts“ there are several source pieces which serve as starting points for artists and musicians to interpret and to make new versions of. This work can be interpreted and adapted by any kind of artist – ranging from musicians, performers, writers to video artists. „Welcome to Afterlife“ was realized by Evy Schubert at the beginning of the project in 2017 and therefore also influenced the later works by other artists. View all videos here.

CAST Johanna Landscheidt, Evy Schubert VIDEO Evy Schubert MUSIC Alexander Schubert

The video was premiered within the concert and multimedia exhibition „Decoder & Friends: Silent Posts“ at the Blurred Edles Festival at Faktor, Hamburg, in 2017.

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Filmstills:Evy Schubert

Evy Schubert

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