Сибирь Индеец
Experimental Film | 39 Minutes | HD | Sibiria/ Russia | 2019.
German & Russian w/ English subtitles.

Omul Film™ presents a Sibirian Eastern by and with Evy Schubert and Werner Eng.

Werner Eng, Evy Schubert

In „No Ghosts He Called,“ someone goes to Siberia for a necromancy. However, the incantation is not quite according to plan, evidently he has called the wrong spirit and so a lot of strange events unfold until even the director appears in the film itself. The question of whether the actor, the character or the whole movie itself has been enchanted thereby triggers further, curious associations.

Cast: Werner Eng | Evy Schubert Special Appearance: Nadeshda Kalashnikowa | Ira Iutina | Viktor Ilieff | Margarita Breitkreiz Written/ Directed/ Photographed by: Evy Schubert Edited by: Evy Schubert | Laia Prat | Music: Micha Kaplan | Sound Mastering: Dirk Mielenhausen | Color Grading: André Froelian/ Fairgrade

TEAMPREMIERE: 23. Juni 2019 | 20Uhr | Kino Moviemento | Berlin (LINK)

Evy Schubert

Festival Screenings:
7th Vkratze-Fest Days of German and Russian Short Films | Main Competition | Wolgograd | Russia (LINK

Funded by Goethe-Institut Nowosibirsk, Russia.
In Co-Production with the International Kansk Film Festival, Russia.
Distributed by: Aug&Ohr
Evy Schubert               Evy Schubert    Aug&Ohr, Evy Schubert

Evy Schubert
Evy SchubertWerner Eng, Evy SchubertEvy SchubertEvy SchubertEvy SchubertWerner Eng, Evy SchubertEvy SchubertWerner Eng, Evy SchubertWerner Eng
Evy Schubert

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