Video Performance, DV, 6:30 Min, Berlin, 2008.
German with English subtitles

Full Clip

LE MONDE TOMBÉ – the fallen world. I am my story. Le monde tombé. Who I am? I am my story. The being itself is originally determined through time. Only through time it can be understood with its overall and complete existence. Time is finite. It allows the being on earth to consider the death as the end. That is quite normal. In paradise, also, the humans are born dead. And with some things, you wish, you would not have thought of them, would not have said them. Just like cleaning brushes for the toilet are common as well.“

BY AND WITH Evy Schubert


• Installation at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin (2012)
• Video Facade Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2012)
• Watch Out Film Festival Tetvo, Macedonia (2012)
• Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival in the programme New Shorts
 from German Female Directors, curated by Claus Löser (2014)

AWARD Winner of the Video Facade Festival Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2012.