fake ad vol. 3, HD, 02:34 min, Berlin, 2015.
German w/ English subtitles.

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WWW.DIE-NOW.ORG (fake ad vol. 3) is the third episode of a fake ad campaign that advertises immaterial and non-buyable products in video clips referring to purchase possibilities on websites that do not exist.

Whereas in the first episode SAVE YOUR LAUGH NOW (fake ad vol. 1) the possibility of eternal laughing was promoted, this episode focusses on the fictive insurance company DNK – Die Now KasseDNK sells the immediate death through different possibilities such as burning, laughing or touching in order to satirize the and draw criticism on the current trends of a profit-oriented attitude in the health insurance system and health politics in the so called social state of Germany. Furthermore it draws attention to the changing attitude of the society towards elderly people that are more and more considered as a burden without dignity. Therefore this fake campaign shall be understood as a warning of a development that will lead to the profitable marketing of euthanasia without differentiating true suffering, emergency and dignity, a development that trades profit against morals.

BY AND WITH Evy Schubert

SCREENINGS Group Show: „Zukunftsvisionen 2016. Festival für zeitgenössiche Kunst“,Görlitz (LINK)

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