Video Performance, HD, 3 Min, Bulgaria, 2013.
German with English subtitles.

Evy Schubert

WHAT WILL I REMBER? MY OLD FUTURE ME LOOKING BACK AT ME WHEN I WAS 31. (WAS WERDE ICH ERINNERN? MEIN ALTES, ZUKUENFTIGES ICH, WIE ES AUF SICH SELBST ZURUECK BLICKT, ALS ES 31 WAR) the artitst’s future ‚I‘ will be confronted with the current one. The two – same – persons meet in order to ponder the question of what will remain, what can be permanently captured in order to ensure that the person one has been in the past continues to exist.

BY and WITH Evy Schubert

SOUND MASTERING Alexander Schubert

FUNDED BY Art Today Association – Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

THANKS TO Nora Vera Gogl, Yoana Atanasova Atanasova, Emil Mirazviech, Valery Kyuorlinski and the colleagues of the Blue House.